Compensation for Depression After Accident Injury MN Attorneys


Many of our cases are for people seriously injured in an accident. Our lawyers have represented people with broken bones, torn tendons and ligaments, amputations, brain injury, loss of an organ, severe burns, and just about any other horrible physical injury you can think of.  Unfortunately, most of these injuries have lifetime repercussions.

When an injury results in ongoing chronic pain, the pain itself is not the only problem. Chronic pain weighs on a person. A person with chronic pain is limited in their ability to concentrate or focus, they are often crabby, and they can suffer from depression as a result of the daily pain. Chronic pain from an injury can obviously interfere with a person’s ability to work and earn a living, as well as relationships with family and friends. But the depression that can come with chronic pain interferes with those things too.

When our attorneys represent a client after an accident injury, we try to stay attuned to the impact the person’s injuries have on their mental health. Insurance companies and even juries can be skeptical about the emotional or mental health aspect of an injury, but our lawyers work with the client to credibly present that aspect of the claim and obtain full compensation for our client.