Injured By Airbag in Car Accident Lawyers


Injured by Air Bag
Injured by Air Bag

There is no question that air bags save lives and prevent many injuries. Our car accident lawyers have represented hundreds of people in bad crashes who have benefited from an airbag deployment. However, the airbag itself can often cause an injury.

An airbag is a vehicle occupant-restraint system. It uses a bag designed to inflate extremely quickly, then quickly deflate during a collision. A chemical reaction produces a burst of nitrogen to inflate the bag. Once an airbag deploys, deflation begins immediately as the gas escapes through vent(s) in the fabric (or, as it is sometimes called, the cushion) and cools.


Our attorneys have had many cases where the airbag bruises or cuts our client. We have also had cases where the gas from the airbag burned our client.  Another common injury from an airbag is tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

The car airbag is also a good reason for the driver not to cross hands over the steering wheel while driving. This is a rule taught to most learner drivers, but often forgotten. If the airbag deploys while negotiating a turn, the driver’s hand(s) may be forcefully pushed into his or her face, causing an additional injury. Recently, our car accident lawyers have had several cases where the airbag pushed our clients hand into their face.  In one case this resulted in a broken tooth and cut knuckle.

In a Minnesota car crash, your No-Fault insurance will pay for your initial medical bills, regardless of who caused the accident. However, determining fault is still important. With a serious car accident injury, your medical bills may exceed your No-Fault limit of $20,000. If the other driver was at fault, their insurance must pay the remainder. You may also be entitled to other compensation, including pain and suffering.  If you have been injured in a MN car accident, call us for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer to discuss your rights and benefits.