Can I Get Compensation For Mental Pain and Suffering From Accident


Anyone who has been in a serious or potentially serious accident knows the PTSD that can follow. Flashbacks and nightmares are common. You can relive the incident for days or weeks.  Unfortunately, for some people, the mental trauma continues far longer.

Can you get compensation for emotional distress after an accident? In some cases you can. Generally in Minnesota, you can receive compensation for mental distress that accompanies an injury. However, if you were not physically injured, in most cases you cannot receive emotional distress compensation.

Courts and juries may look for mental health treatment to support your claim. However, even if you have not seen a psychiatrist or psychologist, they may still consider the testimony of your friends and family. This is particularly true in cases where there is a disability or scar from the injury. Psychological factors can also influence a person’s recovery from an accident injury. Click here for an article on that subject.

A frequent mental health issue our lawyers hear about is fear and anxiety about the activity that caused the injury. For example, after a car accident, the victim may be scared to drive. Similarly, after a dog bite incident, the victim is often fearful of dogs. Courts and juries are often skeptical of these claims. However, the problem can be real, and the jury can be persuaded if given sufficient credible information.


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