Injury Lawyers – Do I Have to Go to Court for Accident Case


Most people are scared of public speaking. In fact, there are surveys showing, for many people, public speaking is a greater fear than death. Therefore, it is not surprising that injury victims worry about possibly having to go to court to get compensation. In a courtroom, the claimant has to speak publicly, and is also being evaluated by a jury. Our personal injury lawyers are often asked this question when we meet with new clients: “Will I have to go to court.”

First, it is important to know that most injury cases are settled out of court. By far the majority of our cases are settled with an insurance adjuster. The key to getting fair injury compensation from the insurance company is presenting them with the appropriate information. Although the settlement may be out of court, you need to have the same information you would have in court. For example, you may need data from an accident reconstructionist and other experts if there is a dispute about fault. Also, it is often important to have witness statements and doctor reports.

Settlement of Injury Case
Settlement of Injury Case

Of course, there are cases where we can’t come to agreement with an insurance adjuster. However, even then, we don’t necessarily end up in court.  Sometimes, we just can’t convey the extent of our client’s injury on paper. In other cases, the insurance adjuster may just see the case differently than us and our client. However, as the litigation progresses, the insurance company lawyer may see things differently than the insurance adjuster. The insurance company lawyer may convey a different perspective or additional information that results in a reevaluation by the insurance company, and a fair settlement for our client.


There are always a few cases that actually do have to go to court. Sometimes, it just takes a full presentation to a jury to get our client’s message across. In most trials, our clients come away within at least two common observations: (1) a trial is a lost more complicated and formal than they would have thought, and (2) testifying wasn’t as bad as they thought.  Yes, it is scary to think about.  However, you are talking about yourself and an experience you went through. That is easier than making a presentation to a group.

If you are injured in a Minnesota accident, we can help you through the process. Our lawyers work hard to settle your case without going to trial.  And, in the unlikely event your case does have to go to trial, we will be there every step of the way. We will make sure you are prepared and the best possible case is presented to the jury. If we are ultimately not successful, we don’t charge you anything and we don’t get paid.