Personal Injury Lawyers Appreciate Nurses


Nurse Taking Care of Injured Patient
Nurse Taking Care of Injured Patient

Our lawyers represent people who are seriously injured in an accident. Often, our clients require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Therefore, we frequently hear how grateful people are for the care of their nurses. Nursing care is sometimes taken for granted. After all, it is the doctors who make crucial diagnosis and perform surgery.  However, the life-saving work could not be done without nursing care.

Nurses take care of people who can’t take care of their self. In many cases, the nursing staff provides necessary help for basic bodily functions. The nurses will feed you, bathe you, and change you. Of course, being unable to care for yourself can be embarrassing and even gross. However, nurses do their jobs with professionalism to give you dignity.

One patient recently expressed his gratitude for nurses in a published essay. Garrison Keillor recently wrote this article about his experience in the hospital. In Mr. Keillor’s case, he was in the hospital for age and disease. However, the same care obviously applies to patients who are there for an accident injury. We recommend everyone read Mr. Keillor’s article to better appreciate nurses.


The Rochlin Law Firm represents injury victims throughout Minnesota. Pam Rochlin has been voted a MN Super Lawyer for many years. The purpose of our lawyers is to make sure our clients are fully compensated for their injuries. This means proving how the accident happened and who was at fault.  However, just as important, we have to prove the extent of our clients’ injuries and the need for just compensation.

Of course, part of the compensation is payment of medical bills and reimbursement of lost wage.  But that is just the starting point. People with a serious injury go through a lot. Their lives are disrupted and sometimes changed forever. That disruption, pain, or disfigurement also warrants compensation. Sometimes the case may involve a distracted driver or a drunk driver. Other cases involve defective products, uncared for property, or dangerous dogs.  Whatever the cause, our attorneys work to make sure justice is done.