Car Accident Ambulance Bill


Car Accident Ambulance Service
Car Accident Ambulance Service

If you are injured in a car accident, an ambulance comes. The ambulance is staffed with trained first responders and advanced equipment. In many cases, it is literally a life saver. However, ambulance service was not always sophisticated as it is today. In fact, for many years, ambulance services were for transportation only. The service was called “scoop and run.”  That means there was no attempt to stabalize the patiend at the scene of the accident. They would just scoop the person up and run to the nearest hospital. Of course, that meant many serious cases didn’t make it.

An NPR podcast recently told the story of how the modern day ambulance service developed. It’s really a fascinating story about a doctor working with an urban community to save lives. The results were so impressive that their methods caught on across the country. Today, Minnesota has sophisticated emergency medical services throughout the state. In fact, we even have a Minnesota ambulance association.

Of course, there is significant cost to ambulance services today. Fortunately, most people have insurance that helps or completely pays the charges. In a car accident, No-Fault auto insurance usually pays for the ambulance service. No-Fault insurance comes with everyone’s auto insurance. Your auto insurance that pays your medical bills, no matter who was at fault in the accident. However, who was at fault in the accident is still important. No-Fault insurance coverage is limited. In most cases, it will only cover the first $20,000 in medical expenses. Therefore, if your car accident is serious and you require extensive treatment, who was at fault can be important. If the other driver was at fault, their insurance will pay additional compensation.


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