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Our lawyers handle many dog bite cases every year.  Most of the cases we take on involve serious wounds and permanent scars. One question that always comes up is what is the prognosis?  In other words, how much will the scar heal?  Of course, we are not doctors.  However, we have seen hundreds of dog bite cases over the years.

One observation our dog bite lawyers have made, is that there must be strategic treatment right from the beginning. For example, if a portion of the body is torn away, try to carefully save it and bring it to the emergency room with you. Our lawyers have had many cases where a portion of a body part is torn away. For example, part of an ear, nose, or finger. It may be possible in some cases to reattach to torn body part.

Actions to Take After Dog Bite
Actions to Take After Dog Bite

In scar situations, the first important decision after a dog bite is what to do at the emergency room. For example, a decision must be made to stich the wounds and risk infection, or leave the wounds open to treat potential infection. Also, if the wounds are to be sutured, will a plastic surgeon do it, or a general surgeon from the emergency room? In general, our lawyers recommend you wait for a plastic surgeon if possible.


In most cases, the doctor will tell you to protect the dog bite scars from sun exposure. At a minimum, this means consistent use of sunscreen. However, in many cases, the doctor will advise staying out of the sun as must as possible for the next year. In addition, the doctor will often recommend continuous use of lotion. The idea is to keep the scar hydrated and loose to promote healing and avoid stiffening that will cause restriction and pain.


There are several different procedures that can improve a dog bite scar. In some cases, multiple procedures are done over a period of years. When our lawyers take a dog bite case, we keep future needs in mind. In particular, when the dog bite is to a child’s face. However, we have also had very serious cases involving adults. Our lawyers make sure that the immediate medical bills are paid, and there is also money set aside for future needs. In addition, in many cases, the scars are quite life changing. Serious scars can affect people socially and even professionally. Compensation is required for those losses as well.

If you or a family member has been bitten or attacked by a dog, call us to discuss your options. We understand that the situation is confusing and overwhelming to you. However, we will patiently explain your legal rights, and we will take most of the paperwork burden off of your hands. The initial consultation is free, and we never charge anything unless you receive compensation. Our dog bite lawyers handle cases throughout Minnesota.