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Wrongful death cases are a part of our practice. Our lawyers represent surviving family members after an accidental death. Of course, all of these cases are emotionally difficult. However, the loss of a child is the most painful. Children are not supposed to die before their parents. When that does happen, it is tragic.

Our lawyers help the surviving parents get financial compensation for their loss. Sometimes, there are medical bills that must be paid. However, that is usually a small part of the necessary compensation. When you call our office, an experienced lawyer will explain your rights in detail.

There are also other resources for parents who have lost a child. One good organization is run through Minnesota Childrens Hospital. They call it a Bereavement Support Group. Here is how they describe it:

Throughout the grief journey many parents find value in coming together with other grieving parents. Together, they work to process the intense grief that comes when a child dies. Each session of this program covers a pre-selected topic, while also having time for open discussion. Parents will have the option to talk about their child and their family’s story, as well as share feelings, thoughts and concerns. Parents are welcome to participate as they feel comfortable, however there is no pressure to talk. We understand the value of simply gathering together.

The Living with Grief Parent program serves grieving parents/guardians who have experienced the death of a baby or child during ‘childhood.’ That is preterm birth to approximately age 25. This program is free of charge and open to any family in the greater community. Families do not have to have been cared for in the Children’s Minnesota system to participate.


Our attorneys represent parents and family members throughout Minnesota. We have office to meet in Minneapolis, Edina, and Woodbury. However, we also will come to your home anywhere in Minnesota. The initial consultation is free. We will discuss how the accident happened and whether you have a case. There are complicated insurance issues that must be addressed. We will take that burden off of you, and make sure you get all appropriate compensation.