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Medical Bills Child Accident Injury Lawyers MN
Medical Bills Child Accident Injury Lawyers MN

Our lawyers have handled many cases where a child was injured in an accident.  One initial question is who pays the child’s medical bills? The answer depends on the type of accident.  For example, if the child is injured in a car accident, their parents’ (No-Fault) auto insurance is likely to be responsible for the initial medical bills. However, with a dog bite injury, health insurance will pay the initial bills, but the dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance will have ultimate responsibility. Medical bills from a child’s injury can add up quickly. Even when the initial bills are paid, there may be more expenses in the future.

Fortunately, health insurance will pay the child’s medical bills even if the accident was caused by another person. ‘However, this does not necessarily mean the other person is relieved of responsibility. The health insurance company, or Medical Assistance, will also get repaid out of the child’s settlement. In addition, if a child’s parents pay a deductible or co-payments, the parents can be reimbursed out of any settlement. Of course, an accident injury also involves more than medical bills. You child may also be entitled to additional compensation for the injury and future needs.


If your child was injured in an accident, call us for a free consultation with a top rated lawyer.  Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin have more than 25 years’ experience.  We know you try hard to keep your child safe and healthy, which makes it frustrating when they are injured in an accident. Our attorneys have helped many children injured in an accident throughout Minnesota. When you call our office, a lawyer will discuss your case and answer your questions. We will make sure your child’s accident medical bills are handled properly. In addition, we will make sure future needs are provided for and your child receives all appropriate compensation.