Car Accident Lawyer MN T Boned Car That Failed To Stop At Stop Sign


Our top car accident lawyers represented people who were injured when they hit a car that failed to stop for a stop sign. Our client will have a clear road and drive into the intersection. Suddenly, there is a car immediately in front of them and a collision. There can be many reasons why the other car ran the stop sign. For example, driving while texting or on a cell phone. In other cases, it may be falling asleep at the wheel, changing the radio station, or just a moment of inattention.

All drivers on the road rely on each other to follow the rules. When that doesn’t happen, like not stopping at the stop sign, a bad accident can result. When the other driver runs a stop sign and causes a T-bone car accident in an intersection, serious injuries can result from the crash.

T Boned Car That Ran Stop Sign
T Boned Car That Ran Stop Sign


Unfortunately, even when the other driver ran the stop sign into the intersection to cause the crash, the auto insurance for that driver may try to put some blame on our injured client. This is particularly true when our client hits or T-bones the car that didn’t stop for the stop sign.  The crash is often unavoidable, but that doesn’t stop the insurance company from pointing the finger anyway.  This is a situation each car accident lawyer in our office has dealt with many times. We interview witnesses and often hire professional experts to reconstruct the auto accident to prove who was at fault. Sometimes there is even video from intersection cameras our lawyers can get.


If you have been injured in an auto accident because the other driver ran a stop sign and you T-boned them in the intersection, call us and speak with a top MN car accident lawyer.  Pam Rochlin has been consistently named a MN personal injury super lawyer for many years.  Our car accident lawyers are tough and get results.  We have over 25 years’ experience successfully handling hundreds of car accident cases throughout Minnesota.  A best lawyer will meet with you at our office or your home. The initial consultation is free and we never charge anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries.