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Different states have taken different approaches to banning cellphone use behind the wheel. While each strategy arguably has its merits, a recent study suggests that broader laws are more effective in preventing accidents than bans that apply to specific habits and behaviors.

The nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explained that there are two main types of laws banning cellphone use behind the wheel. Some state governments ban specific actions, like making a phone call and sending a text message. Others enforce broad bans, like making it illegal to hold or use a phone for any reason while sitting in the driver’s seat on a public road.

Car Accident Lawyers Cell Phone Causes Crash
Car Accident Lawyers Cell Phone Causes Crash

“Technology is moving much faster than the laws,” says Ian Reagan, a senior research scientist at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. “One solution may be to make them broader, rather than trying to come up with an exhaustive list of banned behaviors.” Reagan and his team reached this conclusion after examining the number of police-reported rear-end collisions in three states with broad bans.

The law in Minnesota prohibits holding a cellphone while driving.  This hands-free law is fairly broad, but still allows use of the cell phone as long as the driver is not holding it.


The IIHS also reported that, unsurprisingly, a law is more effective when it’s enforced and when the penalty for breaking it is relatively severe. It is also easier for police officers to enforce a broad ban than one which includes loopholes.

Finally, the cost of the fine issued for breaking the law can affect those numbers. “Our findings suggest that other states could benefit from adopting broader laws against cellphone use while driving. However, more research is needed to determine the combination of wording and penalties that is most effective,” Reagan concluded.


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