Icy Road Fatal Crashes in Twin Cities

  MULTIPLE FATAL CRASHES YESTERDAY MORNING ON ICY ROADS Several fatal crashes have occurred the last few days related to ice on the roads. That may be surprising given it hasn’t even snowed yet. But it is part of winter in Minnesota. Temperatures rise and fall, and there can be moisture that freezes during the night. To put it plainly, […]

Broken Neck Permanent Injury Lawyers

NECK FRACTURE IS PERMANENT INJURY EVEN AFTER SURGERY Sylvester Stallone has a new book coming out about his life.What does that have to do with personal injury cases? In the book, he talks about an accident where he broke his neck on a film set.Although it was just a hairline fracture, it required surgery and installation of a metal plate. […]

Progressive Insurance Settlement Offer

DON’T BE TRICKED BY QUICK SETTLEMENT OFFER Halloween is coming up, so let’s talk about one of the insurance company tricks. In many cases, it is no treat. After a car accident, you may get a call from your insurance company offering you a quick settlement. Why? The answer has to do with the No-Fault law in Minnesota. In Minnesota, […]

Personal Injury Lawyers MN Negligence

WHAT IS NEGLIGENCE? Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care. It is doing something that a reasonable person would not do. It can also be the failure to do something, depending on the circumstances. To have a case for negligence, you must prove that the other person failed to use reasonable care, and that you were injured as a […]

Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyers MN

  WHAT TO DO AFTER A HIT AND RUN CAR ACCIDENT Hit and run means adding insult to injury. Our car accident lawyers deal with many hit and run cases every year. In fact, the MN State Patrol is investigating a hit and run fatality that happened this weekend. How does the hit and run driver justify that behavior? They […]