What if your Dog Bites or Attacks Someone? – How to protect your dog from being destroyed. MN Attorney.


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My Dog Bit Someone Homeowners Insurance

We are dog lovers. Our family will always include at least one dog. However, as attorneys who represent victims of dog attacks and bites, we also understand the importance of laws that protect victims of dog-related injuries. The law in Minnesota says that if a dog bites or injures someone, the owner is automatically responsible. The only exceptions are if the injury was provoked by the victim or the victim was trespassing on the property. As dog owners, we accept this. We understand that if our dog injures someone, we are responsible. We know that our homeowners’ insurance – which covers us for injuries that are our fault – will pay medical bills and other compensation to the victim.

However, what can be done to protect a dog from being put down in the event it bites or injuries someone? A recent Minnesota Supreme Court decision discussed this. Basically, if your dog injures or bites someone once, you’d better do everything you can to decrease the chances of your dog injuring someone again.


In Sawh v. City of Lino Lakes, the Sawh family dog injured a pedestrian by jumping on him. Police informed the Sawhs that the dog had been classified as a ‘œpotentially dangerous animal’ as defined by the Lino Lakes city ordinance. A few months later, the dog attacked a woman who was walking towards neighboring property, injuring her arm and hip. After this incident, the police sent a notification to the Sawhs that the dog had been designated a ‘œdangerous’ dog. After a hearing, a unanimous city council upheld the ‘œdangerous dog’ declaration. However, they permitted the Sawhs to keep the dog if they followed certain safety precautions and maintained liability (homeowners) insurance.

Unfortunately, the dog attacked a third time – this time a furniture deliveryman. The police then seized the dog and informed the Sawhs of their intent to put the dog down. After the city council upheld the proposed action, the Sawhs appealed the matter to district court. The case ultimately ended up at the MN Supreme Court, which affirmed the city’s decision to put the dog down.

The take-away from this case is that if your dog should bite or injure someone, you really need to make sure that you do whatever you can to make sure the dog does not attack or bite someone again. This may mean keeping the dog secured when people visit, keeping the dog confined to your property and on a leash when you take the dog out, and warning others not to approach the dog until they have your permission. Not only does this protect an innocent victim from a dog attack, but it can protect your dog from being put down, and your family from losing a loved one.


If you are injured by a dog in Minnesota, please call us and speak to an attorney as soon as possible. One of our lawyers will give you a free consultation about your dog bite or injury and explain your rights to you. We are Minnesota personal injury attorneys. Our lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience successfully handling hundreds of cases, including many cases where people have been bitten by a dog or are injured by a dog. Our attorneys will pursue the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance to make sure your medical bills are paid and you are fully compensated.

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