Car Accident Vehicle Damage. What if I only Have Liability Coverage? Attorney or Lawyer MN


Car Accident Damage Liability Insurance Only
Car Accident Damage Liability Insurance Only

Our lawyers frequently get calls from people who have been in a MN car accident or car crash where they only have liability coverage on their automobile, i.e. they don’t have full collision coverage. Minnesota law requires that every vehicle be insured before it can legally be driven. However, that requirement only extends to liability insurance. Liability only insurance pays for the damage to someone else’s car or property if the crash is your fault, or if you cause an auto accident and injure someone. But you are not required to have insurance to cover damage to your own car in a crash– that decision is up to you.

Most people decide whether to buy collision (damage from a crash) or comprehensive (damage for other reasons, e.g. flood or fire) insurance coverage for their automobile by comparing the value of their car or truck to the cost of the insurance. If your car is only worth $2,000, you may decide not to get full coverage because the insurance premium is too high compared to the value of the car. In that case, if you crash into a tree or otherwise damage your own car, you understand that if it’s your fault, you will have to pay for the damage to your own vehicle.


Unfortunately, we see many situations where our clients did not cause the car accident, but the other driver’s auto insurance refuses to pay to fix the damage to our client’s vehicle because the other driver won’t admit the accident was his fault or the insurance company won’t admit it was their driver’s fault. Then our car accident lawyers are asked: How do I get paid for the damage to my car when the car crash was the other driver’s fault and I only have liability insurance?

The answer is that you first should help the other driver’s insurance company adjuster understand that the auto accident or crash was their driver’s fault. Provide them with the police report and photographs. You should also calmly explain to the adjuster how the accident happened.

However, you should NOT give the adjuster a recorded statement, particularly if you or a passenger in your car may have been injured. Because you are focused on your immediate problem – getting your car fixed – you are less likely to give full attention to questions about your injuries or even realize that you have been injured in the accident. If the conversation is recorded, it will be used against you later if your injuries turn out to be more serious than you expected and you try to make a claim. For more information, see How Do I Get Paid For The Damage To My Car.


If you can’t come to an agreement with the insurance adjuster about the damage to your car or truck, you can take your case to conciliation court. (The current limit for claims in conciliation court is $15,000, but you should check conciliation court rules for changes.) However, you need to be aware that you can only bring a car accident claim to court once. That means if you sue in conciliation court for damage to your vehicle, you may be forever giving up any future claim for injuries. Therefore, we strongly suggest you call us and speak with a lawyer about the crash if you are having difficulty settling your claim for car damage.


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