First Concussion Accident Can Leave A Permanent Brain Injury


Our attorneys represent people in Minnesota who have sustained a concussion or brain injury in an accident. Sometimes the head injury can be severe enough that our client has lost consciousness or been in a coma. Unfortunately, a brain injury can result in loss of some cognitive function, memory, or emotional stability.

When asked to list his injuries starting with the worst, we once had a client say that because of a car accident in Minnesota, he lost short term memory and would cry or laugh for no reason. When asked for his next worst injury, he said he was blind in one eye. That was very telling to how bad a brain injury can be; when losing sight in one eye is the second worst injury.

A picture of the brain on an mri.
Concussion From Accident


Our injury attorneys see many clients where there is just a temporary concussion, possibly with no loss of consciousness. There may be no evidence of brain bleeding on a CAT scan or MRI. Doctors sometimes will say this type of injury is not serious. A recent medical journal, however, concluded that just one concussion can lead to a decrease in brain volume. The article, in the journal Radiology, points out that people who had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and experienced symptoms of the injury a year later also experienced brain atrophy (brain shrinkage).

According to the article, after mild traumatic brain injury, ‘there is true structural injury to the brain, even is not much is shown on routine clinical imaging. This means that patients who are symptomatic in the long-term after a concussion may have a biologic underpinning of their symptoms.’

The study involved 28 people who had experienced a mild traumatic brain injury and experienced post-traumatic symptoms and 22 controls.All participants underwent MRI brain imaging to determine their white matter and gray matter volume. Researchers specifically found that those who had sustained a mild-traumatic brain injury had less brain volume in regions linked with anxiety, memory and attention problems.

Researchers cautioned that the findings are still early.In other words, don’t assume that every person with a concussion is experiencing this brain atrophy. However, the study does show that effects from the accident can last long after a concussion occurs. We also recently came across an article linking concussion injury to future Multiple Sclerosis in teenagers.


If you or a family member are told you have a mild TBI traumatic brain injury or concussion after a car accident, slip and fall, accident, trip and fall accident, or similar incident, you should call us to discuss the situation with one of our personal injury lawyers. You may not find out the extent of the injury right away. Our Minnesota attorneys can better help you if we can prepare your potential claim just in case your brain injury is more serious than it first appears. Whether your brain injury is from a car accident, trip and fall accident, etc., call us and an experienced lawyer will fully explain your rights to you.

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