Truck Accident Driving Too Fast For Conditions


WCCO recently reported a truck accident that could have resulted in serious injuries.  The accident occurred on Westbound Interstate 94 in Brooklyn Center. The highway had to be shut down Thursday afternoon after a crash involving the semi-truck driving too fast on the highway.

According to WCCO, authorities responded to the crash shortly after 12:30 p.m. in the westbound lanes of I-94 near Highway 252. Fortunately, the State Patrol says the semi-truck was the only vehicle involved. The semi hit a guard rail and then jack-knifed on the curve headed to Brooklyn Center. Traffic had to be shut down in the westbound lanes so crews could get the semi-truck upright and remove it from the road. The road was expected to be reopened in plenty of time for the evening commute.

The MN State Patrol says the driver of the semi-truck was driving too fast for the conditions and the trailer was empty. That can affect the stability of the vehicle if it’s going too fast around a curve. It was lucky there were no injuries in the crash.

Car Hit By Truck Injury Lawyers
Car Hit By Truck Injury Lawyers

Our semi truck accident lawyers have spoken with a number of truck drivers after an accident, usually in a deposition where we are representing someone in another vehicle who was injured in the crash with a semi.  One comment we often hear from the truck driver is that the semi truck driver has to drive fast because it is part of the job. Basically, they won’t make enough money if they follow all of the safety rules, so it is better for the semi driver to take his chances and face any consequences.


Unfortunately, the consequences can be serious, even fatal, when a semi truck driver drives too fast for road conditions and causes an accident with a car or other vehicle on the road.  This time no one was injured, and it was just a matter of disrupting traffic for a few hours. But we do wish that truck drivers would think more about the terrible consequences that can follow unsafe driving. And if they do cause an accident and their truck hits a car or other vehicle, it is important that they cooperate with the authorities and lawyers to accept responsibility.

If you are injured in a car hit by a truck in Minnesota, you are welcome to call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. We will explain your rights and the insurance issues to you, and make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.