Is It Worth Pursuing My Injury Case?


When someone is injured in an accident, their friends will often advise them to talk to a lawyer about compensation.  However, many people are hesitant to talk to a lawyer or pursue compensation for an accident injury, and they want to know is it worth it?

The answer is that it depends on the situation.  Whether or not a case is worth pursuing mostly depends on three things:

(1) How bad is the injury and what are the harms? For example, how much are the medical bills, did the injured person miss much time from work, how difficult was the recovery, what are the ongoing repercussions, are there preexisting conditions that could explain the symptoms instead of the accident? (2) How clear is it that the other party was at fault and how much, if any, comparative fault is there on your part? Are there witnesses to the accident, is there a police report or professional reconstruction, does the other party admit fault? (3) Does the other party have insurance to cover the claim?

Should I Pursue Injury Case
Should I Pursue Injury Case


You can call us for a free consultation with an injury lawyer who will help you weigh these considerations against the inconvenience, risk, and annoyance of pursuing a claim to decide it it’s worth it. The insurance companies don’t just hand out money for a settlement, they require proof – and even then they don’t easily pay out money.

Our MN accident injury attorneys understand that people don’t like the feeling of having to “prove” their case. They don’t like the intrusiveness of the legal system, and they don’t like the time it takes to settle a case or get to trial.  Unfortunately, however, that is how the system works. We try to make it as easy for the client as possible by handling most of the paperwork and accumulating the evidence, but there is still a feeling of stress for the client while we go through this process.


Usually if the person has been seriously injured in the accident, they don’t have much choice but to hire a lawyer and pursue the case.  Medical bills have to be paid, and if the person can’t work after the accident, they have to have some way to pay their living expenses. However, there are also some accidents that are less severe where the person feels neck stiffness from whiplash or other muscle strain that improves within a few days. In those cases you may decide it makes sense not to pursue a claim.

When you call our office and speak with a personal injury lawyer about your Minnesota accident, we will discuss these issues with you in detail. We will evaluate your case with you based on the information known at the time, and give you honest advice of the pros and cons of moving forward with the claim.