Car Crash Crossing the Median Fatal Injury


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported today about a car crash on Eastbound Interstate 94 yesterday.  According to the article, a woman was traveling west on I-94 in a Chevy Blazer when her car crossed the median.  The vehicle then struck a Volvo station wagon heading east on I-94. The Volvo was pushed into the side of a Metro Transit bus driving eastbound — shattering some windows on the bus. This was a fatal accident during the afternoon rush that led to massive traffic delays for hours. The Minnesota Department of Transportation closed eastbound I-94 at Hwy. 280.

The man driving the Volvo died at the scene from the head-on collision. The woman was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where she is in critical condition. In addition, four of the 25 Metro Transit bus riders were transported to Regions Hospital. The freeway was closed for three hours.

The cause of the Blazer crossing the median is most likely still under investigation.  Typically, when a car crosses the median and causes a crash, it is because the driver was distracted, maybe texting while driving, or just wasn’t paying attention to the road. It is always important to pay attention and not allow yourself to be distracted while driving, but especially when driving at high speeds on the freeway.


Our car accident lawyers have also handled many cases like this. For example when the other driver fell asleep and lost control of their car, causing it to cross the median and hit an oncoming vehicle. Whatever the reason, this is another tragic example of the terrible consequences of bad driving, leading to a fatal car accident.

David Rochlin has 25 years’ experience representing families of people killed in car accidents, and other victims of auto crashes, having recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

David Rochlin Fatal Car Accident Lawyer
David Rochlin Fatal Car Accident Lawyer