Injured In Water Tube Accident


Summer is finally upon us, and many Minnesotans are headed to the lakes to enjoy our few months of beautiful weather and great boating and fishing activities.

Unfortunately, every year there are numerous accidents on MN lakes from waterski accidents, boat accidents, jet ski accidents and tubing accidents.  However, most of these accidents are preventable and happen because a boat driver is not paying attention or is driving too fast.

Injured in Watertube Accident Insurance Lawyers
Injured in Watertube Accident Insurance Lawyers

Our accident injury attorneys have seen that a water tube accident can happen for many reasons, including the driver of the boat pulling the tube going too fast or not driving carefully.  There have been tubing cases where the driver of the boat drove the tube into a dock or was not paying attention and pulled the watertube in front of an oncoming boat causing a collision. These types of boat accident also happen because of driver inexperience generally or inexperience pulling a water tube.

Injury from a water tubing accident can be serious because of the speed the tube is traveling on the water.  There is also very little protection for the people in the tube and they are often being pulled head first. Therefore, the injuries can be serious, resulting in serious injuries as well as large medical bills.


Fortunately, most people who own a boat have liability coverage included with their homeowners insurance.  If you are injured in a water tube accident, this insurance of the boat owner may help to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other compensation.

Our lawyers have represented people in many Minnesota cases involving boats, water ski accident, tubing, and other lake accident injury cases. We are experienced, and we make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries.  Call us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.  We can meet you at our office in Minneapolis, Edina, Woodbury and St. Louis Park, or a lawyer will come to you and meet at your home anywhere in Minnesota to discuss your water tube or boat accident case.