You Can Sue The Homeowner Who Serves Alcohol to Minor And The Minor Injures You


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Injured In Accident By Intoxicated Minor

If a homeowner allows minors to drink on their property, the homeowner is responsible. This means the homeowner can be sued when an underage drinker injures someone.Social Host Liability is the law in Minnesota. In fact, the drinking does not even have to occur at someone’s home.

A person over the age of 21 has responsibility when they control any premises. For example, if they rent a party room or rope off an area in a park. If they knowingly or recklessly allow a minor to consume alcohol after being in a reasonable position to prevent it, the person over 21 can be sued for any resulting injury. The same is true if the adult gives alcohol to a minor or helps the minor purchase it. In this age of personal responsibility, our accident injury lawyers support a law that holds the adult responsible for illegally giving alcohol to a minor.


If the intoxicated minor/teenager causes an accident, the homeowner or responsible adult is liable for any injury. Of course, the victim must prove that the homeowner or adult caused the intoxication, e.g. by failing to stop it when they reasonably could have. Also, the injuries and damage do not have to be caused by an accident. For example, if the underage drinker assaults someone, the homeowner or provider of the alcohol is still responsible and can be sued. Fortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies in MN will cover these type of claims.

If you are the parent of teenage children, then you are already concerned about alcohol and drug use. But you should also be vigilant when your teenagers bring underage friends over to your home.Make sure there is no drinking going on, or that no one leaves the house intoxicated. You are responsible for what goes on in your home, and you can be held responsible legally.


If you are injured in a car accident or some other way in MN because of an intoxicated minor (drunk teenager) who was drinking at a friend’s house, please call us and speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. We will investigate the case and advise you of your rights against the teenager and their insurance, as well as anyone who served them. Our attorneys will make sure you are fairly and fully compensated for medical bills, lost wages, future losses, and pain and suffering.