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CO2 Partners is one of the top executive coaching consultants in the country, providing coaching services for large and medium sized businesses. The lead partner at C02, Gary Cohen, recently shared with us the importance of management providing support for their employees after a car accident or other disability.

Our injury lawyers know that in most cases after a Minnesota car accident, our clients’ have three top priorities: (1) getting the car fixed or replaced, (2) getting back to work, and (3) getting necessary medical treatment.  Often, the desire to get back to work comes before medical treatment even though it may not be the healthy choice for the client, and even though it may harm their potential legal case. There are usually two reasons for this: the employee’s need for income, and the feeling of job responsibility or not wanting to let down the team.


Gary told us that most of the employers he works with have PTO and other leave policies that are helpful after a car crash. In addition, many have short and long term disability insurance for their employees.  But he also stressed that employees often worry about the impact on their projects and career. Therefore, he advises his employer clients to have contingency plans in place for the possibility of medium or long term absence of employees.

For example, it is good practice to know in advance how employees will cover for each other in case of long term illness or accident. Temporary work at home policies for employees is another benefit. He also coaches his clients to stay on top of their employee’s prognosis. The employer should express their interest in both the employee’s recovery and return to work, and establish clear, reasonable, expectations as the employee transitions back to work.

Being seriously injured in an accident comes with many challenges.  Anything the employer can do to make it less stressful for the employee is greatly appreciated. Having a plan in place is good for the employee and the business.

Accident Injury Missing Time From Work
Accident Injury Missing Time From Work