Boy On Bicycle Hit By Car At Intersection


WCCO news recently reported that thefamilyof a 14-year-old boy on a bicycle hit by a distracted driver is speaking out.

The eighth grader was on his bike crossing Pioneer Trail at Bailey Ridge Drive in Woodbury yesterday morning. Unfortunately, the boy was hit by a woman driving an SUV. Woodbury Police say they believe the woman was on her phone.This is a distracted driving scenario that our lawyers see too frequently in our practice.The consequences of a car hitting someone on a bike can often be tragic. However, it does not have to happen.

The boy’s father said his son was biking to Lake Middle School that morning ‘” something he’s done for years. ‘He remembers entering the intersection, he remembers a car faintly coming, and that’s about the last of it,’ the father said.


The boy was hit by a 24-year-old woman driving a large vehicle. Police say she was distracted. Several neighbors saw the accident and called the father. ‘I wasn’t prepared for it,’ he said. ‘You’re never prepared for something like that.’ Unfortunately, it is now something the family has to deal with. Of course, they are just grateful the boy survived.

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Bicycle Hit By Car Injury Lawyers

The intersection where the bike accident happened has previously been a point of discussion with the school district.Further, the crossing guard was removed before the academic year. ‘We would like to see something like that restored,’ he said. ‘Many families in the area agree. It could have been one of their own kids.’

After being hit by the car, the boy was taken to Regions Hospital where he had surgery Friday night. After the surgery, he’ll have to spend a couple of more days at Children’s. In addition, he’ll have a long recoery at home. He suffered a broken femur, and he has some bleeding on his brain. This is all because a car hit him while riding his bicycle. Fortunately, he survived, although the injuries are serious. Again, this did not have to happen.

The father is hoping something can be done to make the intersection safer. ‘Hopefully, something like this will be a catalyst for change.’ In addition, drivers need to pay more attention and watch for bikes.


Car accidents caused by distracted a distracted driver are becoming more frequent. Of course, there are many new distractions in cars. Cell phone use, texting, and entertainment systems result in the driver taking their eyes off the road. Unfortunately, it just takes a moment for a tragic car accident to occur and a bicycle rider to be hit.

A child on his bike lawfully crossing an intersection should not have to be endangered by a distracted driver. If you or a family member are injured in a car accident or bicycle accident in Minnesota please call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation. We will advise you, answer your questions, and make sure your rights are protected. Further, we never charge anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries.