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Our attorneys represent mail carriers who are bitten by a dog in Minnesota. Dog Bite Prevention week has the United States Postal Service asking dog owners to be more mindful when it comes to their pets. More than 6,000 of their postal carriers and delivery people around the country were bit by a dog last year. This is a sad and unnecessary risk to people who are just doing their jobs.

Letter Carrier Bit By Dog Attorney Compensation
Letter Carrier Bit By Dog Attorney Compensation

Nicole Kocher has been a carrier for the post office for four years. “They act like they can jump out the window so yea I’ve been startled… I write on their mail that the dog was out and that’s why they didn’t get their mail that day.”

For National Dog Bite Prevention week, the U.S. Postal Service has suggestions to keep their letter carriers safe. They say to place your dog in a separate room in the house if a carrier is coming up to the door. And that parents should not encourage children to take mail directly from a carrier in front of a pet, as the dog may think the postal worker is a threat to the child.

“Yes you can say that your dog doesn’t bite, but your dog is also very territorial and will protect you — and a mail man or a mail lady is a stranger to them.” Kocher adds.


If a dog attacks someone in Minnesota, the dog owner is responsible. Fortunately, most people have homeowners insurance that will cover these claims. Insurance company State Farm reports that in 2017, it paid more than $132 million as a result of 3,618 dog-related injury claims.  And that is just one insurance company. Let’s keep delivery people and mail carriers safe so they don’t have to fear being injured by a dog bite or dog attack when making a delivery.

The Rochlin Law Firm has represented hundreds of people in Minnesota who have been bitten or injured by a dog, including many mail carriers.  Call us for a free consultation with an experienced dog bite lawyer.