Distracted Drivers Stopped By State Patrol MN Car Accident Lawyers


Here is a Facebook post from the Minnesota State Patrol today:

Troopers stopped 102 motorists for driving distracted during two four-hour shifts last week. Think about that: More than 100 people were seen driving distracted over the course of eight hours in MN. They could have been in the vehicle next to you.

If you’re distracted, you’re not driving. Put away the phones and put your eyes on the road.

Texting While Drive Car Accident Attorneys
Texting While Drive Car Accident Attorneys

Our MN car accident lawyers get calls EVERY DAY from people injured in a crash because another driver wasn’t paying attention. They were looking at their phone or adjusting the vehicle infotainment controls, etc.  Many of the injuries are serious and sometimes people are killed.

We get financial compensation for our clients, but the repercussions never go away. These tragedies are preventable and should not happen.


People need to understand the importance of always paying attention while they are driving. It takes just a few seconds of driver inattention for a life-changing crash to occur. It is good that the MN State Patrol is making this effort. However, it is an uphill battle to get drivers to ignore their distractions and focus on driving. Hopefully, the message gets out and at least some people change their behavior.  Every car accident avoided is one less injury or death.

If you are injured in a car accident call us. You will speak directly with a MN attorney for a free consultation.  Our lawyers have handled hundreds of car crash cases throughout Minnesota over the past 25 years. We will explain your rights and make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. We start with the damage to your car and your medical bills. Your lawyer will then focus on your lost wages and additional compensation. The initial consultation is free, and we never charge anything unless you receive compensation.