Speeding Car Crash Fatality – MN Attorneys


The Minnesota Star Tribune recently released a concerning article pointing out that fatal car accident cases have increased on MN roads, despite decreased traffic from the Coronavirus stay-at-home order.

The article notes the Department of Public Safety report of 24 recent fatal crashes, compared to an average of 14 for the same time period the prior three years. Half of the recent car accident death cases were the result of speeding or careless driving. The article did note some good news: drunk driving arrests were down about 60% from a similar period in prior years – probably because the bars are closed.

There are several risks when a car is speeding. The obvious risk from a speeding car is that anything that goes wrong will have an amplified consequence.  If the driver takes his eyes off the road for a moment – to answer a phone call or adjust the radio – he travels much further in that brief time, so has more opportunity to cause a serious accident. There is also less time to react, for example if traffic ahead of a speeding vehicle suddenly slows or stops, the speeder is more likely to cause a rear end collision.

Our car accident lawyers represent may people injured because the other car was speeding. People need to know that even when there is less traffic on the road, speeding is still dangerous and can be fatal. Stay safe out there.