Can Husband Get Settlement Compensation For Wife’s Injury Accident?


Our lawyers are often asked whether a husband or wife can get a settlement or compensation for their spouse’s accident injury? In Minnesota, the answer is yes.

A husband and wife usually operate as a team, and each has certain things they contribute to the family. When one of them is injured in an accident, those contributions can be temporarily, or even permanently, interrupted.  This puts a burden on the family and the other spouse to make up the difference.  The loss could be financial because of inability to work after being injured in an accident.  But other contributions by a husband or wife are also important.  For example, one of them may usually be responsible for mowing the lawn while the other entertains the children.  One cooks and the other cleans, one does home repair and the other goes grocery shopping, one works outside the home while the other is a homemaker, etc. If one spouse is injured and unable to perform their usual duties, the other has to do twice as much work or find other help. This creates a loss to the family, including the non-injured husband or wife.

This type of compensation to the non-injured spouse is called “loss of consortium.” Many people think of this as being sexual relations.  Loss or interruption of sexual relations is definitely a part of a loss of consortium claim, but there is also much more.

Our lawyers help families recover full compensation when a family member is injured in a car or motorcycle accident, from a defective product, slip fall, dog bite, and many other unfortunate situations. When you call our office to discuss your case, we will explain your rights, including the right of a husband or wife to recover compensation after their spouse has been injured by someone else’s negligence.