Motorcycle Accident Riding With Bike Club Group MN Attorneys


We have several friends who are members of motorcycle clubs in Minnesota. During these times of social distancing, riding with a group is a great way to get outside and be with other people.

Of course, because our attorneys represent many people injured in MN motorcycle accidents every year, we are always concerned about safety. Riding with a group is also a good way to stay safe on your motorcycle, because cars are more likely to see you and avoid you when you are riding with other bikers. And if there is a motorcycle accident, the group will be there to provide immediate assistance.

One motorcycle club we like and support is the American Bikers Association.  This is a group that loves to ride, rides safely, and engages in many worthwhile community events and fundraisers. But whatever group you are in, even if it is an informal get-together with a few friends, biking with friends recreationally is a good and fun way to go.