Bicycle Accident Car Did Not Stop Injury Lawyers MN


Riding Bike Hit By Car Lawyers MN
Riding Bike Hit By Car Lawyers MN

There are more bicycles on the road in Minnesota every year, and as a result our lawyers have seen an increase in bike accident cases.  Most of the bicycle cases our lawyers handle involve a car hitting the bike rider, either at an intersection or on shoulder of the road. In the intersection accident cases, the car will roll through or run a stop sign, or it will make a turn without looking both directions. When a car hits a bike on the shoulder of the road or in the bike lane, it is usually because of the driver was distracted.

Recently, our attorneys have had several bike accident cases where the driver of the car left the scene. In two of those cases, our client was able to get the license plate number of the car that hit them.  But that is unusual, and most of the time the bike rider doesn’t have time to do that or has no way to record the license plate number.

Even if the driver leave the scene, you can still get injury compensation. If you own an insured vehicle, or you live with a family member who owns an insured vehicle, that automobile policy will provide compensation in this situation. All auto insurance in Minnesota comes with uninsured motorist coverage.   That coverage will compensate you if you are injured by a car that doesn’t stop, even if you are injured while riding your bicycle.


If you were hit by a car while riding your bike, call us for a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney. Our lawyers will explain your rights to you and make sure you receive the insurance coverage you are entitled to.