Fell at Gas Station Injury Lawyers


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Icy Gas Station Pump Area

It is surprising how many gas station injury cases our lawyers have had. In most cases, someone slipped and fell, usually on ice around the gas pump. However, there are also situations causing people to fall at a gas station. For example, because of slippery oil that was spilled, or tripping on a deteriorated parking lot.

Here is one thing to know if you are injured while pumping gas in your car: You may be entitled to benefits from your auto insurance policy. Your automobile No-Fault insurance will pay up to $20,000 in medical bills and $20,000 in wage loss if the injury involves the car. However, whether this coverage is available depends on the specific facts of the situation. When you call our office, a lawyer will help you determine if No-Fault coverage is available for your situation.


The gas station owner has responsibility to keep the property safe. But there are also some limitations on what can reasonably be expected. Many service stations or gas stations have very high traffic, with people coming and going nearly every minute. The owner needs to keep the parking lot, and especially the area around the gas pumps, as safe as possible.Snow removal and ice control must be a primary concern.

However, consideration is also given to current weather conditions. Minnesota law says that the property owner is not responsible, or at least has less responsibility, while it is still snowing.

When our lawyers consider these cases, we look carefully at the photos and video. We must determine if the conditions at the gas station are worse than what would be expected in Minnesota. The insurance company for the gas station always argues that the injured person should have been more careful. However, there have been many cases where the bad condition around the gas pump or parking lot is hidden.Sometimes there is poor lighting.Other times there is snow covering the ice that makes it impossible to see. We have also had many cases where the ice is clear and blends in with the cement.

If you are injured at a gas station, at the pumps or in the parking lot, call us for a free consultation. An experienced attorney will discuss your case with you and advise you of your rights. Our primary focus is to make sure medical bills are paid, lost wages reimbursed, and you receive all appropriate compensation.