Proper Stop at Stop Sign Car Accident


Stop Before Stop Sign Requirement
Stop Before Stop Sign Requirement

The requirement in Minnesota is to stop AT a stop sign or the marked line before it. Minnesota State Statute 169.30 spells out this law. The only exception is when you are being directed by the police. In other words, don’t roll forward to the actual intersection.

At a stop sign with a marked stop line, you must stop before the line. If there is a pedestrian crosswalk you must stop before entering the crosswalk. If the vehicle in front of you comes to a stop in the improper place, you are still required to come to a stop in the proper position and proceed only when it is safe, and when you have the right of way.


Many people approach the stop sign and proceed to the actual intersection before stopping. Our car accident lawyers have had many cases because of that maneuver. Unfortunately, there may be a pedestrian or bicycle entering the intersection just as the car is approaching.  The person on the street may be hidden by bushes or a tree, or the driver may just be distracted.

Someone walking, or on a bicycle, has to rely on the car stopping at the stop sign. There can be a very serious injury even if the car isn’t going fast.

If you are injured because a car rolled through the stop sign, call us for a free consultation with an attorney. Our top injury lawyers have more than 25 years experience helping thousands of people throughout Minnesota.

The insurance company frequently tries to blame the victim in these situations. We don’t buy that. If the driver rolled through the stop sign and hit you in the intersection, we will fight for you. The primary focus of our attorneys is to get you the compensation you are entitled to.