Passenger Injured Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


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Lawyer for Passenger Injured in Motorcycle Accident

A study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation shows half of all motorcycle crashes are single vehicle incidents. Overcorrection is the cause of many of these accidents. The study notes that 2.5% of crashes in Minnesota and 4.4% nationally are caused by overcorrection. Other examples of motorcycle driver error include taking a turn too quickly, or not recognizing a change of road conditions.

Rumble strips have not been shown to cause stability concerns for motorcycles. Therefore, most of those single vehicle crashes are a result of rider behavior. This is a particular concern with new motorcycle drivers. The NHTSA estimates lack of experience to be the second leading cause of single vehicle motorcycle crashes. (The primary cause is driver impairment.) Motorcycle safety training can reduce single vehicle accidents. However, crashes are always still a risk.

If the motorcycle driver loses control and causes an accident, the passenger may be injured. Our attorneys are called in these situations to represent the motorcycle passenger’s rights. As a starting point, we determine if there is No-Fault coverage available for injured passenger. No-Fault insurance will pay for at least some medical bills and lost wages. We then turn to the liability insurance of the motorcycle owner or driver.


The Rochlin Law Firm has more than 25 years’ experience representing people injured in motorcycle crashes. The primary focus of our lawyers is to make sure you get the compensation you need and are entitled to. Medical bills can of course be significant. In addition, you may miss time from work. However, there are other intangible losses as well. For example, ongoing pain can significantly disrupt your life. This is a cost that merits compensation just like the tangible medical bills.

If you were a passenger injured in a motorcycle accident, call us for a free consultation. A top motorcycle accident lawyer will meet with you, learn the facts of your case, and advise you of your rights. We get successful outcomes for our clients, while providing personal attention. We never charge anything unless you receive compensation.