Can I Sue Someone Who Assaulted Me


Our personal injury lawyers frequently are called by people injured in an assault. The caller usually wants to sue the person who assaulted them. Yes, you can sue the person who assaulted you.You can probably get a judgment for medical bills, lost wages, and more.However, the problem is trying to collect the judgment.

The cases we take involve insurance. The reason for this is that most of our cases are contingency cases.This means we only get paid based on what we collect for the client. But we incur significant expenses on our cases. Therefore, we cannot take a case unless there is insurance to pay a judgment if we are successful.


Most insurance policies exclude coverage for intentional acts or criminal acts. However, the law in Minnesota generally favors trying to compensate victims.Therefore, our personal injury lawyers always look carefully at the circumstances of the incident. We need to determine if the injury was really intentional.For example, we had a case where a teenager threw an electronic device at his friend.The device hit the friend and broke some of his teeth. In that case, we were able to prove that the injury was an accident. Our client was therefore compensated by the insurance company. Yes, the teenager intentionally threw the device at his friend. However, the injury was not intentional.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Pam Rochlin

Another example involved two teenagers at school.One of them came up behind the other and pushed his knee into the back of her leg. Of course, technically, that was an assault. However, the serious knee injury was not intentional. Again, we were able to persuade the insurance company to cover the incident.

Sometimes there are other ways to get compensation for an assault.Our lawyers have had a number of cases where we have sued a bar after their customer attacked and injured someone. Most of those cases involve the bar clearly overserving the person who committed the assault.

If you have been injured because someone assaulted you, it is at least worth talking to a lawyer to see if there is a case we can pursue. Our attorneys take cases throughout MN. The consultation is free, and we never charge anything unless you receive compensation.