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Dog Bite Attorneys
Dog Bite Attorneys

Most of our dog bite cases involve significant scars. In addition, some cases involve the dog injuring our client by running into them or pushing them. This can result in broken bones or other injuries. These injuries can at least be improved with medical treatment, although there are often permanent problems – especially with scars.

However, in addition to these physical injuries, a dog attack often leaves the victim with psychological scarring. People love dogs and dogs love people. Unfortunately, after a dog attack, our lawyers find that the victims see dogs differently. This is especially true with children, but adults are effected as well. In the worst cases, the dog bite victim will have ongoing nightmares or even be afraid to leave their house. However, more commonly, we notice our clients are just much more hesitent around dogs.

When a young child is bitten, we notice that the child will even be afraid of their own dog. Sometimes, these fears will last years or even a lifetime. It is sad and frustrating that this happens, but it is real.


Our dog bite lawyers get compensation for the person attacked. We have represented hundreds of adults and children in dog attack cases throughout Minnesota. The starting point is always medical bills. In many of our cases, there is surgery to repair lacerations, and then future plastic surgery to improve the scars. Of course, even with plastic surgery, there can still be permanent scars and disfigurement. Fortunately, most people have homeowners insurance that will cover a dog bite.  The focus of our lawyers is to make sure the insurance company pays all appropriate compensation.

However, compensation does not stop with medical bills. First, money has to be set aside for future needs. In addition, a permanent scar or disfigurement warrents compensation.  Depending on the extent of the scar, the compensation can be significant. But the emotional damage impact needs to be considered as well. Many of our clients have loved dogs, and than relationship is forever changed. Taking the enjoyment of dogs away from someone, especially a child, is a significant loss. The emotional impact must be considered and is worthy of compensation as well.