Dog Bite Lawyers – What Happens To Dog


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Dog Bite Lawyers

Most people love dogs. Of course, most dogs love people. Unfortunately, dogs also sometimes attack people. Our dog bite lawyers have represented hundreds of people who were bitten and seriously injury by a dog.

In most cases, we don’t know why the dog attacked. Yes, the dog is provoked or injured in some situations. Most of the time, however, the dog attack comes out of the blue. The American Kennel Club published this article about why dogs attack. The article argues that dog bites can be anticipated and prevented. Unfortunately, that has not been the observation of our dog bite lawyers.

There are definitely some situations where you could point to the dog owner.For example, if a stranger comes to your front door, you should keep an aggressive dog locked in a room. However, most cases involve a dog that has never bitten before and wasn’t even aggressive.

Minnesota law holds the dog owner responsible when their dog bites someone. The owner must pay compensation to the person who was bitten. Fortunately, most dog owners have homeowners or renters’ insurance. However, what happens to the dog after it bites someone? That depends on several things: 1. How bad is the injury? 2. Has the dog bitten or attacked before? 3. Where did the attack happen?


A dog bite insurance claim does not affect what happens to the dog.Any consequence for the dog is decided by law enforcement and the dog owner. Sometimes our client wants the dog destroyed so it can’t harm other people. However, in other cases our client has to make a claim for medical bills but does not want anything bad to happen to the dog. Our lawyers make sure law enforcement is told of our client’s wishes. Many times, that will be taken into account. Ultimately, the decision is up law enforcement and the local ordinance.

If you have been injured or bitten by a dog, call our office and speak with a lawyer. Our attorneys have more than 25 years’ experience handling dog bite cases throughout Minnesota. We will answer your questions and explain your rights. There is no charge unless we get you compensation for your injuries.