What to Do After a Car Accident


Dealing With Car Accident
Dealing With Car Accident

Being in a car accident is overwhelming. It suddenly adds a bunch of things to your “to do” list that you weren’t expecting. Even if you are not injured, you have to fix or replace your car. First, where will you take it for repair?  If the car is totaled, how long will it take to get the replacement money and find a new car.  Of course, no one likes car shopping.  Especially when it is unplanned.

You may have to notify your insurance company and the insurance company for the other driver if they are at fault. Sometimes, you have to negotiate for the price of your totaled car.

Then, if you or a family member were injured in the crash, it gets even more complicated. Your auto insurance must pay the first $20,000 in medical bills, even if the other driver was at fault.  After that, your health insurance takes over. Finally, when you settle the case against the other driver, you often have to repay your health insurance out of injury settlement. That is also when you are reimbursed for your deductibles and co-pays.


Our car accident lawyers have 25 years’ experience helping people in these situations. Each situation is unique, so the steps to take after a car accident can vary. If no one was injured, you start with the car damage. Check you auto insurance policy or call your agent to confirm what coverage you have.  For example, if you have comprehensive collision coverage, you can deal with your own insurance or the other driver’s insurance if they were at fault. You will also want to know if your insurance includes a rental vehicle after a car accident.

In most cases, you can handle the car damage issues yourself. If you do have questions, call us and we’ll provide more information at no charge.

If you or a family member were injured in the car accident, you must report the accident to your insurance company.  Your auto insurance is responsible for the initial medical bills and lost wages. However, you may also have a claim against the other driver if your injury is serious enough. For peace-of-mine, we suggest you call us to discuss your situation.  You may not need to hire a lawyer, and we will tell you that after we hear the details of your case.

We talk to people after car accidents every day. In many calls, we just give basic information to walk you through the steps you need to take. In some cases, you may need a lawyer, and we will be there for you.