What is Restitution After an Accident?


Some car accident cases involve criminal charges. For example, a driver may be driving without a license or insurance. Likewise, the driver could be drunk or driving recklessly. In those types of cases, there can be criminal charges against the other driver. At some point, the victim will get a form in the mail asking about restitution.

What is restitution? Restitution is (1) payment of compensation to the victim or the victim’s family; and (2) if the victim is deceased or already has been fully compensated, payment of money to a victim assistance program or other program directed by the court. Restitution may include, but is not limited to, any out of pocket losses resulting from the crime. This may include medical and therapy costs, and replacement of wages and services. Of course, restitution is not limited to injury cases. For example, there may be restitution in property damage cases and other situations. We have even had some gun accident cases where restitution was considered.

What Does Restitution Mean
What Does Restitution Mean

You do not necessarily need a lawyer to help you with the restitution form, but it is a good idea. A lawyer can help you determine what is appropriate to ask for.  Our attorneys will provide a free consultation regarding your restitution claim. Restitution is not something we charge for. In most cases, a government prosecutor will puruse restitution for the victim.  However, our lawyers can offer some basic advice to help you with the process.


If you are injured in an accident, our lawyers can help. We handle car accident cases, dog bites, and more. When you call our office, you will speak directly with a lawyer. We will listen to your situation and answer your questions. The intitial consltation is free. Further, we never will charge anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries.