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The Star Tribune recently published an editorial about ATV safety for children. Our lawyers handle cases where a child is injured in an ATV accident. The ATV child injury cases we have handed so far have not been life-threatening.However, that has just been luck. A broken arm could easily have been a broken neck.

Soon, many people in Minnesota will be opening up their cabins. It is worth at least thinking about ATV safety and children.If you allow your child to drive an ATV, the two most important safety measures are training and a helmet. A child should not be allowed to drive an ATV until they are ready.This means waiting until they are old enough, and then only driving with an adult until they demonstrate ability and safety.

The editorial referenced a recent articile published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The article notes that more children die each year on ATVs than in bicycle crashes. The highest proportion of ATV accidents where a child is injured are to boys between the ages of 12 and 15.However, our lawyers have represented several girls injured in an ATV accident. The majority of ATV serious injury cases occur on public roadways.But our attorneys have also had cases where the injury is off-road.For example, we had one case where a 10-year-old girl ran an ATV into a fence.

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Child Injured on ATV Lawyers


Our lawyers primarily take two kinds of cases where a child is injured by an ATV.In some cases, an adult allows an unrelated child to use an ATV when the child is not ready or trained. Usually, in those cases, the child is visiting a friend’s cabin. The cabin owner has a duty to oversee the safety of a visiting child. More frequently, a child is injured as a passenger on an ATV.

Fortunately, homeowners insurance will cover an ATV accident injury. Even if the injury is not life-threatening, there can be significant medical bills. In addition, the child may have a permanent injury or scar. If your child has been injured in an ATV accident, you are welcome to call us.A lawyer will discuss the situation with you and explain your rights. The initial consultation is free and we never charge anything unless your child receives compensation.