Dog Bit Me Owner Doesn’t Care Lawyers MN


Dog Bite Lawyers MN
Dog Bite Lawyers MN

Most people love dogs. In fact, for most dog owners, their dog is a family member. At the same time, dogs are not human. They are animals that react with less ability to reason. Therefore, the law in Minnesota makes the dog owner responsible for any injury caused by their dog.

Our dog bite lawyers have handled hundreds of cases over the past 25 years. Unfortunately, a dog bite or dog attack can do life-changing damage to the victim. We have had terrible cases where the dog bites off a person’s ear or nose. Most of the worst cases involve a bite to the face. However, not always. For example, we have had many cases where the dog bite causes nerve damage to a person’s hand or other body part. In addition, our attorneys have handled many injury cases where the dog pushes someone down or injures them some other way without biting.

Fortunately, most dog owners have homeowners’ insurance to pay the required compensation. This would include medical bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering, and more. This is why we are always disappointed with dog owners who have little remorse of compassion after their dog hurts someone. Most likely, the dog owner is worried about the dog. They think the dog might get put down. Depending on the circumstances, that may happen. Nonetheless, if it is your dog, it is your responsibility. It’s just sad and selfish to ignore the damage that has been done and not have compassion for the victim.


As a starting point, the medical bills from a dog bite can be significant. Stiches are often required. Of course, antibiotics and pain medication are always used. Sometimes, rabies shots are given if there is no proof of the dog’s vaccination status. In addition, many of our cases require future plastic surgery, which is also expensive.

Unfortunately, even with plastic surgery, the dog bite victim is often never fully the same.  First, even plastic surgery leaves permanent scars. Further, the medical bills are not the full extent of the necessary compensation. When a person has been disfigured by a dog, additional compensation is warranted. In addition, there is often emotional trauma that goes with a serious dog attack. That also warrants compensation in many cases.

If you have been bitten or injured by a dog, call our experienced lawyers for a free consultation. A dog bite attorney will answer your questions and protect your rights. Our primary purpose is to get you all the compensation you are entitled to. Further, we never charge anything unless you receive compensation. Our lawyers handle dog bite cases in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout Minnesota.