Do I Have To Report My Car Accident? Minnesota Attorney


Our lawyers represent people injured in a Minnesota auto accident.  One question we often hear is: Does a person have to report a car accident to their insurance company if the accident or crash wasn’t their fault. The answer is: it depends.
First of all, if you or a family member in the car are injured in the car accident you definitely have to report it to your automobile insurance company because MN law says your auto insurance is responsible for paying your medical bills regardless of who was at fault in the accident. See What Is No Fault Insurance.
If you are not injured in the accident and only have damage to your vehicle, you should look at your policy to see if there is any requirement to report the accident. In general, if you only have a property damage claim, it is probably not necessary to report the accident to your auto insurance company if the other driver’s insurance pays for your damage. However, if you have full coverage and your car is totaled, you might want to ask your insurance company how much they would pay for your car, because you might get a better deal from them than the other driver’s insurance.
You should also be aware that your insurance company can find out about the crash anyway if there is a police report.
Car Accident Insurance Claim MN
Car Accident Insurance Claim MN


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