Don’t Settle Your Case Soon After The Accident – Lawyer


After a car accident that is caused by the other driver, the other driver’s auto insurance will sometimes call and offer you a quick injury settlement.  Usually they will offer to pay you $250 to $1,000, in addition to paying for your vehicle damage.  The extra money is “just for you.” Unfortunately, a quick settlement like that is enforceable in Minnesota if you agree to it and take the money. That means you can’t go back later if you were more injured than you thought.

Should I take Quick Car Accident Settlement
Should I take Quick Car Accident Settlement

Our car accident lawyers have seen many cases where someone takes a settlement after an accident, only to later realize they were more hurt than they thought.  If you are considering a quick insurance settlement offer after an auto accident, tell the insurance adjuster you need to think about it, and wait a month after the crash to make sure you are not more hurt.


You should also consider talking with an attorney first. Most good MN car accident attorneys will give you a free consultation to discuss the settlement offer with you before you make a decision. Our MN Car Accident lawyers have seen quick early settlement offers like this made by Progressive Insurance, State Farm, Allstate and several other auto insurance companies as well. Often, the insurance company’s settlement offer is not at all fair given the situation or future risks.

We think a law should be passed in Minnesota that prevents these quick settlements until at least a month after the accident, or provide that the settlements can be revoked or overturned within 90 days.  Unfortunately, we have not even seen such a law proposed so far.

If you are in a car crash anywhere in Minnesota, call us and speak with a car accident lawyer about your situation. We will answer your questions and explain your rights to you. The primary purpose of our lawyers is to protect your rights and make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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