Slip Fall Accident In Office


“Angry Ghost at Law Firm Pushed Me to Ground, woman says.” Yes — that is the actual title of a story I found on the ABA Journal news page. It even has a video of the incident and, honestly, it appears that “something” really did push her. Take a look at the article and video.


As for Rochlin Law Firm, we have no ghosts at our firm — at least none that we have discovered yet!  But our lawyers do handle slip fall injury cases throughout Minnesota that are caused by negligent property owners or businesses. Contrary to popular belief, the property owner is not automatically responsible when someone falls or is injured on their property.  The owner is only responsible if they did something wrong like create a dangerous condition or not repair something after having reasonable notice. Therefore, it is important to hire an experienced MN lawyer to help prove your case and make sure the property owner’s insurance pays the compensation you are entitled to including medical bills, lost wage reimbursement, and more.