Don’t Be Fooled After An Auto Accident


One of our car accident attorneys recently had yet another case of a driver giving fake information after a crash.MN requires drivers to exchange information after a crash. Our client was rear-ended and exchanged insurance information (name, address, phone) with the other driver. However, the other driver gave our client false information. Unfortunately, the police were not called to the scene and our client did not get the license plate number of the other car.

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Exchanged Information After Car Accident

If you are involved in a MNcar accident, the best thing to do is call and wait until the police arrive. The police will write a report and get everyone’s information. But at the least, don’t just rely on the information the other driver gives you. Take a picture of the driver’s license of the driver. Also, definitely get the license plate number of the other car. The driver’s license of the other driver is not enough, because the owner of the car might be a different person than the driver.The owner’s insurance actually has primary responsibility for any damage caused by the vehicle.

Take pictures of the car damage to both vehicles, the license of the driver and the license plate of the other car.It is also a good idea to take a picture of the other driver.


Our car crash attorneys recently had two, kind of funny, incidents where the driver who caused the accident tried to flee after the crash. In those cases, the other driver tried to run, but didn’t get away with it.In one case, our client was rear-ended, and the other driver drove away. However, our client discovered that the other driver’s front license plate fell off in the accident.That was an easy one for the police to follow up on. They tracked the driver down and showed him his missing license plate. (No apology from the runaway driver to our client, of course.)

In another recent case, which was a very bad auto accident, a witness was able to videotape the teenagers in the other car running from the scene. Therefore, when they later claimed they weren’t driving, or even in the car, the police had good evidence against them. It’s sad that people don’t take responsibility for their mistakes, but it happens. Therefore, it is best to protect yourself by getting as much information as possible – even if the other driver seems very nice.

If you are injured in a MN car accident, call us and speak with an experienced lawyer for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected. Even if the other driver gave you false information or was uninsured, we may be able to help you. There will be No-Fault coverage for your medical bills and other compensation through your uninsured motorist coverage.