Little Or No Insurance For Intentional Acts


Did you know that auto insurance in Minnesota only covers accidents? In other words, insurance usually won’t cover an intentional act.  One of our auto accident lawyers had a call from someone today who was in her car when she was hit by a drunk driver. It was a road rage incident and the drunk driver was mad and hit her intentionally. Because car insurance only covers an accident, the other driver’s insurance will not pay anything for the caller’s car damage or shoulder injury.

Road Rage Insurance Coverage Limited
Road Rage Insurance Coverage Limited

Fortunately, the caller had collision coverage on her car that will still cover her car damage. However, any compensation for her injuries, other than a limited amount of medical bills, will not be covered by either the other driver’s auto insurance policy or her auto policy, because he did it on purpose. This doesn’t mean the person who called us can’t sue the drunk driver who intentionally hit her.  The problem is that without auto insurance, she may have a difficult time collecting any judgment she is awarded. At least he was arrested and will be prosecuted.


In that particular case, it sounded like the drunk driver really was trying to hurt the person.  However, in many cases, the facts are less clear. Sometimes a person intends their action but does not necessarily actually intend to hurt anyone.  In those cases, the action may have been intentional, but the injury was still an accident. This can give our attorneys the opportunity to still get car insurance coverage for the injured victim to compensate them for their injuries.

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