Physical Therapy After Injured In Accident

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Injured In Accident Physical Therapy MN

Benefits of Physical Therapy For Accident Injury

People injured in an accident (our clients) have a variety of treatment options available to help them get better. One excellent form of treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapists are health care professionals frequently recommended by doctors. Treatment with a physical therapist can improve mobility and relieve pain. Another advantage to physical therapy, of course, is that it is less expensive than more invasive treatments.

Many people would like to avoid drugs or surgery. Physical therapy after an accident often reduces the need for surgery or prescription drugs. In addition, it allows patients to participate in a recovery plan designed for their specific needs. Our lawyers have seen people injured in all kinds of MN accidents benefit from physical therapy.

The American Physical Therapy Association’s website outlines the benefits of physical therapy, in addition to providing a link for locating a physical therapist. You can find them at


After an accident, people often worry about payment of their medical bills. However, if the accident was not your fault, you have several options. For one, your medical insurance will still pay your medical bills even if the accident was caused by someone else. Unfortunately, you will then have to pay your copays and deductibles.However, there are other options. For example, in an auto accident there is No-Fault coverage.In a premises case there is often medical payment coverage.


If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you have questions about payment of physical therapy and other medical bills and compensation, call us. You will speak with a top personal injury attorney for a free consultation. We represent people throughout Minnesota injured in many types of accidents. Our lawyers will explain the insurance issues to you. Our priority is to make sure your medical bills get paid and that you receive all other compensation you are entitled to. Further, we never charge anything unless you receive compensation.