Family Of Someone Over-Served Can Sue Bar


With New Year’s Eve approaching, many of us turn our thoughts turn to celebrating – partying and drinking. At the Rochlin Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers represent people and their families injured in Minnesota by drunk drivers.  We also sometimes sued the bar that over-served the drunk driver.

However, we can also represent the family of the person who was drinking at the bar or nightclub.   When a person drinks too much at a bar and then injures himself because of the intoxication, he generally cannot successfully sue the bar for his own injuries. But, although the drinker may not have a case against the bar for himself, his or her family may have a claim, particularly where there has been a fatal accident killing the drinker.

Sue the Bar That Over Served Family Member
Sue the Bar That Over Served Family Member

It is absolutely illegal in Minnesota for a bar to serve a customer who is obviously already intoxicated.  The law allows anyone (other than the intoxicated person) who suffers a loss as a result of the bar’s illegal sale of alcohol to sue the bar for their losses.  The family of the intoxicated drinker may have to pay medical bills or provide care for the drinker after he is injured.  Family members may have to miss time from work, make special accommodations, and provide financial support because the injured drinker can no longer work. These are injury losses for which the family can sue the bar and get reimbursement.


If your husband, wife, son or daughter suffers a serious injury because they were a customer over-served by a bar in MN, please call us and speak with a lawyer for a free consultation.  We will explain your rights and whether you may have a case against the bar for over serving their customer. These are not easy cases.  But where the bar’s conduct is egregious, it is worth pursuing.