Health Insurance Wants Me To Sue Third Party Will Health Insurance Cut Off Pay Medical Bills After Accident


Many times after an accident injury, people receive a letter from their health insurance asking for information about the cause of the accident, i.e. whether there was another party at fault that caused the accident. Our MN accident lawyers get calls about these letters frequently. The reason for the letter is that the health insurance company hopes to get their money back a third party that caused the accident.  This is called “subrogation.”  Almost every health insurance policy includes a provision that if you are injured by a third party and sue or bring a claim because of your injury, your health insurer is entitled to get their money back for the medical treatment they paid for.

Most health insurance companies will pay for your medical treatment even if the injury was caused by a third party, e.g. car accident, dog bite, slip fall, defective product, etc.  But they will certainly be interested and encourage you to pursue the person who caused the accident.  Our accident injury lawyers are sometimes asked what happens if you decide not to sue or pursue a claim, or if you do pursue a claim and lose, will the health insurance company cut you off or still pay your medical bills?  The answer is that they will most likely still pay the medical bills from your injury whether you sue the person at fault or not.

Our personal injury lawyers are also frequently asked, after the injury case is settled will health insurance still pay for future treatment?  The answer to this question is usually yes you will still be covered for future treatment, although there are some insurance policies that are more restrictive and require you to set aside money from your settlement for future medical care. You should read your medical insurance policy and call the insurance company representatives to find out the terms of your specific policy.

The requirement to repay your health insurance out of your settlement, how much you will have to pay, and whether your health insurance will continue to pay medical bills when you have been injured in an accident, is very dependent on your health insurance policy. Unfortunately, these health insurance policies can be difficult to read and understand, and the law in that area is complicated as well. Therefore, we recommend you call us for a free consultation with an experienced Minnesota accident injury lawyer if you are receiving medical treatment for an accident that was someone else’s fault.