ATV Owner Responsible For Accident Injury – MN Lawyer


We received a call this week from a former client. He co-signed a loan for a friend to buy an ATV, his name ended up on the title, the friend was driving the ATV and accidentally killed someone. Our former client now has a serious problem because of this tragic situation. MN law requires that every motor vehicle owner (anyone on the title) be responsible for injury caused by anyone driving with the owner’s permission. This includes an ATV.

If you own an ATV, just like a car, you are responsible for any damage or injury caused by the ATV, even if you were not driving (unless the vehicle was stolen or you can prove you had sold it.) Our advice: Make sure ALL your vehicles are insured, including ATV’s driven off of your property, snowmobiles, etc. Our lawyers represent people injured in accidents to get them compensation when the injury was not their fault, but we prefer not to get involved in taking people’s personal money – we always hope people have insurance to take responsibility for injuries and damages they may accidentally cause.

If you or a family member are injured in an ATV accident call us for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.  We will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected.