Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer MN


It is not even summer yet but our lawyers have already taken several cases of people injured in bicycle accidents. We have cases of a bike rider being hit by a car, and we have a case of a pedestrian hit by a bicycle. In both situations the injuries can be serious and even life changing. Bicycle riding has become more popular the last few years and there are many more bikes on the road, so much more opportunity for an accident.

Most of the bike accident cases our attorneys handle involve a car hitting a bicycle on the road.  Often the driver of the car is distracted by their phone or something else in the car, but we have also had cases where the driver was momentarily blinded by the sun, or was only looking right before making a left turn and didn’t see the approaching bike. The bike is usually riding the same direction as the car, so the car hits the bike from behind or knocks it over by sideswiping it. However, the most common injury cases our lawyers see is when a car is making a turn and hits a bike in the intersection.

Drivers: Please watch for bicycles when you are driving your car (or opening your car door). Bicyclists: stay to the right whenever possible and WEAR A HELMET.

If you are a bicycle rider hit by a car in Minnesota and you are concerned about medical bills, lost wages, etc., please call us for a free consultation. An experienced attorney from our office will answer your questions and make sure your rights are protected.