Child Injured On ATV – MN Lawyer Injury Compensation


Many people have an ATV or 4-Wheeler at their cabin in Minnesota. Those types of vehicles are very attractive to children. Most every child loves the thrill of driving a 4-Wheeler or ATV. Of course, the excitement is that they can steer and control the speed.However, while driving these vehicles are great fun for the kids, it is also important for their parents or caregivers to make sure they do so safely.

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Child ATV Accident Injury Insurance

Unfortunately, it is really not possible to come up with a bright-line age recommendation. There may be 10 year-olds who can be trusted to drive a 4 wheeler safely, and 15 year olds who are definitely not ready.Therefore, parents must assess their own child’s ability.Start by riding the ATV with them. Teach your child how to drive safely. Also, it is important to set boundaries and rules for using the ATV, and enforce them. Then, make sure the child demonstrates responsible driving for a period of time before being allowed to drive longer or further on their own.


Our lawyers have represented a number of children and their families after being injured on an ATV or 4 Wheeler in Minnesota.Sometimes we represent the child passenger on the vehicle being driven by a child friend. The friend loses control of the ATV and causes an accident.Sometimes it is a child who runs into someone while driving the 4 Wheeler or ATV.

In addition, our attorneys have also had cases where a child was visiting a friend and was allowed to drive the ATV by the friend’s parents. If your child is visiting a friend’s cabin, it is up to the parents to make sure your child can drive the ATV safely. Otherwise, they should not let them drive.

Whatever the situation, if your child was injured in an ATV or 4 Wheeler accident in Minnesota, call us to talk with an experienced injury lawyer.We will answer your questions about medical bills and insurance issues. Also, future care, pain and suffering, and more. Our lawyers have represented people injured in accidents for over 25 years. The initial consultation if free. Further, we never charge anything unless your child receives compensation.