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ATV Accident Injury Lawyer MN
ATV Accident Injury Lawyer MN

ATVs are useful and fun. They are great for hauling things on your property, and fun just to ride in. However, the way ATVs are built, and how they are used, also makes them somewhat dangerous.  It is important to learn to ride the ATV safely and be aware of the risks.

Our personal injury lawyers have had a number of ATV accident cases over the years. We have had several cases where a child was allowed to drive an ATV without proper instruction.  This has resulted in running into things with the ATV, tipping the ATV, and even hitting someone while driving. Sometimes it is the child driving who is injured, and sometimes it is a passenger on the ATV or a person they ran into. There are several organizations that offer online ATV safety training for kids.  Click here for one of the ATV safe driving sites.

Our injury attorneys have also had cases where a car hits an ATV on the road. This can happen at an intersection, or when the ATV driver rides on the shoulder of the road, or even on a driveway or parking lot. Just a moment of inattention by the car driver can result in serious consequences.


An ATV may or may not be legally classified as an automobile depending on its size and weight. If the ATV is classified as an automobile, the car insurance of the owner or the driver may provide coverage for the ATV if someone is injured in an accident. This auto insurance for the ATV could apply even if it is a child who is driving. If the ATV does not qualify as a motor vehicle, the homeowners insurance of the owner or driver may provide similar coverage for an accident. Our lawyers will work with you to determine which insurance applies in your situation.

For people injured while riding an ATV, or by an ATV, consultation with a lawyer is a good idea. An attorney will discuss the circumstances of the accident and look at the insurance policies, and then advise you of your rights. Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, there may be significant medical bills and time off from work. In addition, there may be other significant consequences and future needs. Call us for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. There is no charge for the call, and no fee unless you receive compensation.